Spannabis 2023

Spannabi 2023

Spannabis 2023 was a very nice experience. I met a lot of nice people and made new contacts. My focus was mainly on the analysis and processing of cannabis. I found an interesting product from Delta 9 Analytics on the topic of analysis.

Of course I didn't miss out on looking at new cultivars. Here all the seed banks had very interesting varieties to choose from.

The booths of all suppliers were very attractive. If you want to see everything in peace, it is advisable to be there early. At lunchtime it is very crowded. Which is also nice regarding networks. In the evening it became a bit more pleasant again in terms of the number of visitors.

In the evening I went to a few cannabis social clubs. I have to say that the quality and selection of flowers is very good.

All in all it was very nice and I'm already looking forward to next year!



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