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I'm very happy - at exactly the right time we can expand our expertise even more and share it with you. Since I have been working with the cannabis plant for years, I decided to take the next logical step, namely to found a private cannabis club. This will be integrated into the StillCan premises in Lehrsteinsfeld. Adult members of non-profit cultivation clubs should then be able to purchase 25g of cannabis per day (max. 50g per month) and to receive seeds and seedlings from the club.

Registration can easily be done online. However, the final registration as a member must take place on site! What do we need from you? Your valid German ID card and (with us) a minimum age of 21 years. You can now become a member. StillCan is in the middle of planning its private cannabis club. However, so that we can deepen the planning, you have the opportunity to register in advance here and secure one of the places in our club, which is limited to 500 members. (However, registering online is not a guarantee of admission!)

It is also mandatory that you take part in a free training course on the subject of addiction and cannabis in our company.

Unfortunately, we have to wait for the final legal framework before we can welcome you as an official member of our Private Cannabis Club.

We work closely with international seed banks and breeders who guarantee us a good and consistent harvest through their expertise. We will offer a wide range of Cultivar (Strain). Varieties such as Orange Cake, Mimosa, Gelato, Cherry Pie, Dark Side of the Moon and Incredible Milk are of course an integral part but only a small excerpt from our range.

Of course we grow exclusively in Living Soil! This means without the addition of any artificial substances. You can also have your cannabis tested and analyzed by us for harmful substances - for example, to find out whether it is contaminated with mold, insects, heavy metals or pesticides.

The personal data provided here is used exclusively for planning needs and will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties.

We need your first and last name, home address and date of birth to register. (Enter in comments!)

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