Cannabis Sommelier

Cannabis Sommelier

You are probably wondering what does a cannabis sommelier do and how and where can you train to become a sommelier?

As a pain patient, I quickly noticed that there are big differences in the way different strains / cultivars work. My interest in learning more about the plant was so great that I decided to do further training as a cannabis sommelier in Canada. The contact to the people there and their knowledge was and is an enrichment for me.

A cannabis sommelier

» Understands how potency and ratio can impact the consumption experience.

» Understands how to assess quality based on physical attributes.

» can identify the lineage of a particular variety based on aroma and physical characteristics.

» Understands the basics of cannabis science and how production techniques can impact cannabis science.

The work of a cannabis sommelier is economically a key position. As a sommelier, you come into contact with different cannabis varieties of all quality on a daily basis, see the different types of cultivation, their results and advise companies on these points.

I enjoy my job and am happy when I can pass on my knowledge. If you have any questions about Cannabis Sommelier, just send me an e-mail.

Yours, Robert

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