About StillCan

What makes StillCan special?

Hello, my name is Robert William Still, Founder and CEO of StillCan.

I would like to introduce myself and my company - what are StillCan's goals and visions?

StillCan wants to draw attention to the cannabis plant and its components. For centuries, this plant was the No. 1 raw material in many cultures. With the help of the hemp plant it was possible to produce durable ropes for seafaring, they served
for the production of clothing, as a building material, in medical technology and much more. Unfortunately, the hemp plant fell into disrepute in the wake of prohibition, industrialization and excellent lobbying.

StillCan products are made with love! For us, this attention to detail is the path to success. Working only with the best raw materials, suppliers, employees and new products is the true calling of the founder and owner here. Cannabis is a very good renewable raw material that is used in many areas
can be. The market for CBD and hemp products is very large and is flooded with inferior, poor quality products. We therefore ensure that our partners grow fairly, without pesticides and sustainably. We source all of our raw materials from certified farmers and traders within the EU.

Quality is taken into account when selecting the raw material and throughout the manufacturing process
Precise examinations and analyzes are carried out to guarantee the best quality.

Through constant further education and training, we always stay up to date. That's what inspired me to do this
to attend various further training courses in the Netherlands, San Francisco CA and Canada and to expand my knowledge in all areas. In November 2022 I successfully completed the Cannabis Sommelier and offer my knowledge and know-how in various areas in the field of consulting.

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Robert William Still